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by Face Value

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Recorded, mixed, and mastered at The Monster House with Michael Bridgett.


The distance from the street sign to your door
seemed to stretch on so much longer than ever before
But the steps I used to climb as a child
Seemed to diminish with the events that arose

All you left was a knife and no letter
(I've been saying rest in peace, I've been saying rest in peace)
I could have helped, I could have done much better
(I don't think I'll ever sleep, I don't think I'll ever sleep)
Now I'm stuck wearing your old sweater
I can't remember what you said, i can't get you out of my head
I think i'll put it on regardless of the weather

Call me empty but I'm not hallow
Cut ties with guilt and fucking swallow
The pain you feel, it won't dwindle like a fire
Dying slowly I am so damn lonely
Without you here
I can't seem to face my fears
Because you taught me how to be a man
Now my understanding is buried in the sand


I want to go back to a time
Where you didn't resign on all the things
And left it behind
I guess I'll say I'm alright
I guess I'll say I'm just fine
I'll be alright
I'll be just fine

I miss the shelves of pictures that you had that now hang in my garage
I feel like everything that happened was just a mirage
I've been saying rest in peace,
I don't think I'll ever sleep
I've been saying rest in peace,
I don't think I'll ever sleep
I've been saying rest in peace,
Why wont you get some sleep


released August 17, 2014
In loving memory of Paul WIlson Myers Jr. You are dearly missed.




Face Value Baltimore, Maryland

Five piece band from Baltimore, MD
Check out our music to the left and come to a show and say hi
"Thick As Thieves" EP available June 2016

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