Spent // Forevermore - Split EP

by Face Value and Chris Swartz

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released December 18, 2015

Art by Chris Pappas
Recorded Mixed and Mastered by Will Beasley
Members Only tracked by Grayson Ross in his bedroom



all rights reserved


Face Value Baltimore, Maryland

Five piece band from Baltimore, MD
Check out our music to the left and come to a show and say hi
"Thick As Thieves" EP available June 2016

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Track Name: Face Value - Currency
The case is
I know you've seen a million faces
But only a handful are missed
And I just want to be on that list
You could have used more honesty
The slightest bit would've been more than enough for me
I never filled any voids with sympathy
And maybe that's why they're empty

I could use two words because frequently
I'm at the lowest of lows in your frequency
And the best form now of your courtesy
Is if you're drawing a line draw it next to me

The truth is
I wish I could just forget this
Because it's keeping me awake at night
And sleep's the only way I got by
Cause consciencly I'm a nervous wreck
Ditching my words to the back of my neck
And the only thing to help enough
Is s weak hand and a bad bluff

Chorus (1x)

Cause I thought I had eternity
To spend all my time like currency
On things I don't have currently
But right now I'm spent

Don't set it off
Just leave me to rot
I don't care to know whether it's worth it or not
To walk a mile in my shoes you'll have to untie the knots
Just let it go
Don't worry
Don't set it off
Just let me be
I had a grip of the start but I can't seem to grasp the ending
Never thinking of me
I've got these ears on my head
And they've been dying to ring


Cause I thought I had eternity
To spend all my time like currency
On things I don't have currently
But right now I'm spent

I'll use my own authority
To grasp all these opportunities
That recently have been new to me
That came and went
Track Name: Face Value - Members Only (Acoustic)
The distance from the street sign to your door
Seemed to stretch on so much longer than before
And the steps I used to climb as a child
Seemed to diminish with the events that arise

All you left was a knife and no letter
(I've been saying rest in peace, I've been saying rest in peace)
I could have helped, I could have done much better
(I don't think I'll ever sleep, I don't think I'll ever sleep)
Now I'm stuck wearing your old sweater
I can't remember what you said, i can't get you out of my head
I think i'll put it on regardless of the weather

Call me empty but I'm not hallow
Cut ties with guilt and fucking swallow
The pain you feel, it won't dwindle like a fire
Dying slowly I am so damn lonely
Without you here
I can't seem to face my fears
Because you taught me how to be a man
Now my understanding is buried in the sand


I want to go back to a time
Where you didn't resign on everything
And left it behind
I guess I'll say I'm alright
I guess I'll say I'm just fine
I'll be alright
I'll be just fine

I miss the shelves of pictures that you had that now hang in my garage
I feel like everything that happened was just a mirage
I've been saying rest in peace,
I don't think I'll ever sleep
I've been saying rest in peace,
I don't think I'll ever sleep
I've been saying rest in peace,
Why wont you get some sleep
Some Sleep
Some Sleep
Track Name: Chris Swartz - Murdock
I pulled out your letter tonight
I can't believe I wasn't the one writing it
Your picture's back in my wallet
Cause now I'm afraid to go far from it

I'm sitting next to my speaker
It's the only thing I'll get close to anymore

I won't be okay
I'm okay with that

Call me crazy but I'm not your baby anymore
If you call me baby it'll drive me crazy forevermore

I found sadness in my room
In an afternoon spending time away from the world

I won't be okay
I'm okay with that
But when I pushed myself down in a hole
I was always expecting to come back
Track Name: Chris Swartz - Tether
I'm everything you're scared of in a 5 foot 7 frame
Did I mention I'm pathetic?
I find no worth in my own name

They said I'll get over it
Don't get caught up in the feelings
But how the fuck do they know
All the shit I've been dealing with?
All summer long
All the shit I've been dealing with,
I tried to put it in a song

You thought you had me on a tether,
But ropes will always fray, my friend
Didn't mean I'd stay forever,
I knew this would come to an end

Thought I had your love,
Didn't mean it would last forever
Nothing in this world is absolute,
It's not even getting better

All summer long,
It hasn't gotten better
All summer long,
I've been waiting on the colder weather

Now give me something to latch onto,
So I know I'm getting better,
So I don't have to be myself
For the rest of forever

Lately, I've been asking myself whether I hate you or whether I miss you, because I left you, or because you left me a long time ago, and I never realized it. And now I just need a source of strength, someone, something, just to keep me up. Because right now I'm drowning, and I can barely breathe. I just need something to get me through to the other side - that's the only thing I ask for, that's it. Just someone, somewhere, somehow.

You might get into my head, but you'll never have my heart
I burned your picture on the side of the road, now what do you say to that?